PEQ 1136C
Scuba Instructor Training
Course is not ordinarily counted in
asssociate in arts degree. Course
designed to prepare and qualify
certified assistant scuba instructors
and/or divermasters for evaluation
and certification as scuba instructors
by national certification agencies.
Nationally recognized certification as
a divemaster with 60 logged dives:
documented deep diving, night diving
and underwater navigation, efr primary
and secondary care training within
24 months and medical clearance are
requirements for enrollment in course
and will be verified by instructor at first
PGY 2247C
Advanced Underwater Photograph
This course is not ordinarily counted in
the Associate in Arts degree. Techniques
in the use of macro, wide angle lens,
strobe fill, night, and use of available
light for creative purposes.
ECO 2013
Study of the U.S. economy, including
functions of an economic system,
determination of market prices,
measuring the economy’s performance,
causes of unemployment and inflation,
and government taxation, spending, and
monetary policies.
ECO 2023
Economic principles for business
applications, including determination
of market prices, elasticity of demand,
indifference curves and consumer
equilibrium, cost analysis, marginal
analysis and profit maximization, forms
of competition, antitrust regulations, and
international trade.
EDG 1030
Dolphin Studies, Ed & Curr Exp
This introductory program surveys a
wide range of knowledge, theories and
outgoing research concerning marine
mammals, animal husbandry, operant
conditioning training practices and
related issues, including instruction
specific to the facility and its resident
dolphins. This course offers students
a unique opportunity to gain career
oriented hands-on experience in dolphin
husbandry and training, including diet
preparation; how to feed, reinforce,
and maintain established behaviors all
under the guidance of accomplished
trainers. Students will reside at the
Dolphin Research Center on Grassy Key.
Course requirements center on active
participation in the course and passing
comprehensive end of course exam.
EME 2040C
Technology in Education
Application of instructional design
principles for the use of technology
to enhance the quality of teaching
and learning in the classroom. The
course includes hands-on experience
with educational media, emerging
technologies, and hardware,
software, and peripherals for the
personal computer as well as data-
driven decision-making processes.
Identification of appropriate software
for classroom applications, classroom
procedures for integrating technologies
with emphasis on legal and ethical use,
and effective instructional strategies
for teachers and students in regard to
research, analysis, and demonstration of
technology. Students will be provided
an overview of the Florida Educator
Accomplished Practices, Sunshine State
Standards, the Professional Educator
Competencies, and the National
Educational Technology Standards.
This course is an applications and
theory course designed to familiarize
participants with various technologies
and their uses in education.
Emergency Medical
EMS 1381C
EMT Recertification
This course is not ordinarily counted
in the Associate in Arts degree. EMT
Recertification course is designed as a
one semester course, 3 credit hours in
length, which will review and update the
knowledge and skills of Emergency Care
for EMTs. The course follows the US D.O.T.
1994 EMS National Standards Curriculum
as required by Florida Department of
Emergency Medical Services, and the
Florida Department of Education.
CRW 1001
CreativeWriting I
This course is designed to develop
students’ literary voices through the
study and application of techniques
of writing fiction, poetry, drama and
the essay. Through supportive in class
critiques and occasional discussion of
professional models, the student learns
the craft of writing. This course includes
a 6,000 word writing requirement.
ENC 0015
Developmental Writing I
This course builds writing skills and
the command of standard written
English, including grammar, usage,
and mechanics. Students must pass
ENC 0015 with a “C” or higher. Upon
successful completion, students enroll in
ENC 0025.
ENC 0025
Developmental Writing II
This course imparts writing skills
necessary to succeed at the college
and university level. Students learn to
support arguments and demonstrate
command of standard written English.
Students must pass ENC 0025 with a “C”
or higher and pass the State Exit Exam
with a “C” or higher in order to receive
credit. Upon successful completion,
students may enroll in ENC 1101.
ENC 1101
English Composition I
ENC 1101 is a course that emphasizes
accepted standards and techniques
of expository writing, logical thinking,
and reading with literal and critical
comprehension. Students are expected
to write coherent, unified prose, develop
a thesis statement, arrange main ideas
and supporting details, and use effective
vocabulary, conventional sentence
structure, and standard American
English grammar and usage.
ENC 1102
English Composition II
Expository writing based upon the close
reading and study of selected examples
from fiction, poetry, and drama. The
course emphasizes oral and written
analytical interpretations which include
recognition of the traditional techniques,
forms, and rhetorical devices used by
writers of fiction and non-fiction. The
course also serves as an introduction to
literature and analytical writing. Includes
a 6,000 word writing requirement.
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