REA 0017
Developmental Reading II
This course is designed to advance
reading and study skills needed for
college work. This course focuses on
vocabulary acquisition, critical reading
skills and study skills necessary for
college: Topics include identifying
main idea and supporting details,
determining author’s purpose and
tone, distinguishing between fact
and opinion, identifying patterns of
organization in a paragraph or passage,
recognizing the relationships between
sentences identifying, using context
clues to determine the meanings of
words, identifying logical inferences and
conclusions, reasoning, and analyzing
argument for bias. Upon successful
completion, students enroll in ENC 1101.
Seamanship & Navigation
MTE 1802
Coastal Navigation
Materials and equipment, techniques
and procedures involved in safe marine
coastal navigation. Theory of chart
projections, construction of Mercator
projection, magnetism and the magnetic
compass, ships’ position finding by dead
reckoning and piloting, employment
of nautical charts and utilization
of aids to navigation as well as the
theory and effects of tides and current.
Weather permitting, on the water use of
navigation lessons.
MTE 1811
Basic Seamanship
This course is not ordinarily counted
in the Associate in Arts degree.
Fundamentals of small boat handling,
chart reading, rules of the road, rigging,
safety and boat licensing. Hands-on
plotting with local charts, practical
knots and other rope work. Weather
permitting on the water practice.
SYG 1000
Introduction to Sociology
Conceptual elements of society,
outlining their development,
significance and dynamics of interaction.
Student Life Skills
SLS 1401
College Survival Skills
The purpose of this course is to provide
an opportunity for students to learn and
adopt methods to promote their success
in school, in their personal lives and
on the job. It suggests tools for growth
and learning and taps on the student’s
Course Descriptions Continued
1...,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40,41 43,44