FKCC 2012-2013
renew. The scholarship is restricted to Fall & Spring term.
3. Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars Award: this award pays $47 per credit hour and requires and requires a 2.75
cumulative GPA to renew. The scholarship is restricted to Fall & Spring term.
Renewal each year also requires completion of a least six credit hours of college-level coursework each term. Applications
and eligibility criteria for each program are available from the high school guidance office or from the Florida Department
of Education website:
Students that fail to meet renewal GPA have the ability to take summer classes to restore their eligibility. Please go to
for further information.
Other Scholarships
There are various private scholarships that may be used to attend Florida Keys Community College. If you are a recipient of
a private scholarship(s), please contact the Financial Aid Office.
Financial Aid Standards of Academic Progress
As part of determining initial and continued eligibility for financial aid, students must demonstrate/maintain satisfactory
academic progress standards toward achieving a specified degree or certificate as established by Federal, State, and
Institutional policies and regulations. Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is measured at the end of each term based on
term and cumulative student performance. Below are the three criteria used each term to determine financial aid status.
Completion Percentage (at least 67%)
A student’s completion percentage is calculated by dividing the total number of credit hours a student
completes with grades of A, B, or C by the total number of credit hours attempted. Students receiving financial
aid are required to maintain at least a 67% completion percentage on a term and cumulative basis in order to
remain eligible to receive financial aid.
GPA (at least 2.0)
Financial aid recipients must earn/maintain a minimum cumulative and term grade point average (GPA) of at
least 2.0. A student’s term GPA is based on remedial and college-level course-work completed during that term.
The cumulative GPA considers grades earned for all periods of enrollment even if the student did not receive
financial aid. Non-credit continuing education and workforce course-work (including English as a Second
Language) will not be counted toward the term grade point average for federal student aid.
Federal Regulations require that an undergraduate student must complete his or her program in a period no
longer than 150% of the School’s published program length. This is referred to as maximum timeframe. The
published program length for the most common degree, the AA General Studies is 60 college credit hours.
For example, students are allowed a maximum of 90 credit hours to earn a degree that requires 60 hours to
complete; this represents 150% of normal completion. Once 150% of the required credit hours have been
attempted, the student will no longer be eligible for federal, state, or institutional financial aid. The maximum
timeframe does not include non-college level/remedial credit hours. Financial Aid students are allowed up to
30 credit hours of remedial study. Please be aware that the maximum timeframe calculation includes all prior
coursework regardless of the student’s receipt of financial aid.
Students who complete a program of study at FKCC and wish to pursue a second program will be required to
complete a maximum timeframe appeal and an academic plan with an advisor and will be limited to receiving
aid for only those courses listed on the plan. Maximum timeframe appeals can be found on our website at
. Financial Aid students will be limited to receiving a maximum of
two associates degrees and up to one certificate.
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