Student Advisement and Engagement
Each term the Student Advisement and Engagement staff conducts an orientation program to help new students adjust
quickly to the rewards and challenges of college life. Through the orientation program students learn about the campus,
and its many facilities and services. Orientation provides students with information about important college policies,
procedures, and academic programs, as well as information about registering for classes. Students also get a chance to
meet other new students and to ask questions.
All new first-time-in-college students that are degree seeking must participate in a New Student Orientation within their
first semester of enrollment. New students are strongly encouraged to avail themselves of the information and resources
given at orientation. Students unable to attend on-campus orientation may access the orientation program online at www.
fkcc.edu. Students may contact Student Advisement and Engagement at 305-809-3196 for more information. Middle Keys
Center students should contact 305-743-2133 and Upper Keys Center students should contact 305-852-8007.
New students should apply for admission in advance of registration, if possible. The registration process works on a first-
come first served basis. For the best selection of class sections and times, you should plan to register as early as possible. All
degree-seeking students should be sure to consult with their program director or academic advisor prior to registering in
order to secure a signature on their course request forms. Middle and Upper Keys residents can contact their local center for
information and assistance in these procedures. Registration is available online for returning students or for students that
have an application for admission on file. Call the Office of Enrollment Services at (305) 809-3188 for information.
Academic Advising
Advisors are available in Student Advisement and Engagement during day and evening hours to assist students with
educational and career concerns. The advising staff can assist students with a variety of concerns including academic
advisement, choice of major, career choice, professional preparation, general education requirements, catalog
interpretation, withdrawal from college, and test score interpretation.
Associate in Arts degree-seeking students and those who are undecided about a program of study are encouraged to
meet with an academic advisor. Students seeking an Associate in Science degree, Associate in Applied Science degree or a
Certificate, are assigned a Program Director/Advisor based upon their declared major field of study.
Each term, it is the student’s responsibility to meet with an advisor or Program Director/Advisor, review his/her academic
records, and choose courses designed to fulfill his/her stated objectives. This contact enables the Program Director/
Advisor to know each student personally and to develop class schedules compatible with individual interests and abilities.
Students should also consult their Program Director/Advisor when encountering academic problems or when considering a
change in their degree program. Associate in Science and Associate in Applied Science students should be sure to get their
advisor’s signature on their course request form prior to registering each term.
Students planning to transfer to four-year colleges or universities should meet with an advisor early to explore major
options and pre-professional requirements. Early planning will result in a smooth, efficient transition to a university.
The common prerequisites manual, prepared specifically for community college students transferring to Florida’s public
universities, is available online at
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