• Further information concerning the placement test is available from the Testing Office located in Student
Advisement and Engagement.
• A $10.00 charge will be assessed to retake one or more parts of the CPT or PERT.
Office for Students with Disabilities
Florida Keys Community College is committed to providing full access to all programs, services and facilities for qualified
individuals with documented disabilities as mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) and the
Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Disabilities, as outlined in the ADA and by the College, may include specific learning disabilities,
visual, hearing, speech, physical, and other disabilities determined by individual situations. The Office for Students with
Disabilities assists the disabled student in all aspects of college life to ensure his/her educational experience is a successful
one. Financial aid is available for students with disabilities who are enrolling part-time based upon a necessary disability
To promote academic success, the Office for Students with Disabilities offers a wide variety of accommodations and
support services. Services include, but are not limited to:
• assistance in admission and course registration
• information about and referrals to campus and community services
• auxiliary Learning Aids
• course substitutions
Auxiliary Learning Aids
The Auxiliary Learning Aids Program is designed to provide eligible disabled students enrolled in credit courses with the
necessary equipment and/or staff so they can have full access to all programs, services and activities. Auxiliary learning aids
may consist of adaptive devices and equipment such as:
• enlargers
• tape recorders
• computers
• assistive listening systems
• modified or extended test taking
• assistance by persons such as tutors, interpreters, readers and note takers
Course Substitutions
Florida Keys Community College has developed and implemented policies and procedures for providing reasonable course
substitutions for qualified students with disabilities. Students who may be eligible for course substitutions include but
are not limited to those with visual impairments, hearing impairments and specific learning disabilities. Students must
provide documentation to substantiate that their inability to meet academic requirements is related to an eligible disability.
Students should submit a written request to the Office for Students with Disabilities, along with future education/career
plans. The coordinator will determine whether substitutions, as approved, will be accepted by the receiving institution and
will contact the receiving institution to facilitate acceptance.
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