Course Substitutions and Prerequisites
Course Substitutions
In some instances, students may have successfully completed comparable course work at another regionally accredited
institution. As a result, a course substitution may be viable. In other instances, a catalog curriculum modification may be
required to address issues involving discontinued courses or courses that are not offered during the semester the student
will be graduating.
Application for a course substitution must be submitted no later than two days prior to the first day of classes in the
appropriate term. The student may request a course substitution through an academic advisor or program advisor for one
of the following reasons:
1. A different course better meets the student’s educational objectives;
2. A required course is not scheduled during the student’s last term before graduation.
Course substitutions require the written request of the student’s academic advisor or program advisor. The advisor will
forward the request to the appropriate College personnel and will be finalized by the Director of Enrollment Services/
Registrar. Students will receive a copy of the course substitution for their personal records.
Note: For disabled students, see the section on Course Substitutions under the heading Office for Students with Disabilities.
Prerequisites and Course Sequence
Students should make note of the prerequisites stated in the individual course descriptions in the catalog when
scheduling courses. Program advisors are available to assist students to ensure that they meet degree or certificate
program requirements. Students must obtain instructor permission to register for a course in which they have not met
the prerequisites. However, students who have been placed in developmental level courses must enroll in the required
remedial course work. Students are urged to meet with an advisor on a regular basis to ensure that they do not take
unnecessary courses.
Graduation Requirements
Florida Keys Community College offers programs of study leading to the Associate in Arts degree (A.A.), the Associate in
Science degree (A.S.), the Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree, the Advanced Technical Diploma (ATD), or Certificate.
Associate in Arts Degree
Definition: The Associate in Arts degree is a transfer degree that provides a course of study equivalent to those offered to
freshman and sophomore students in the lower division of Florida’s state universities. The degree includes thirty-six hours
of general education which parallel the university requirements and twenty-four hours of electives in preparation for a
major area of study.
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