Marine Environmental Technology
Our prestigious
Marine Environmental Technology
program is one of FKCC’s most exciting, challenging,
and attractive fields of study. The unique Keys
environment provides students with a natural outdoor
laboratory, which is representative of actual work
environments in the field. This makes our program one-
of-a-kind. We provide traditional theoretical classroom
knowledge supported by a practical hands-on learning
environment where the ocean is the laboratory.
Students will apply state-of-the-art marine
environmental conservation and restoration technology
while learning technician level scientific skills including
marine data collection, analysis and writing technical
reports. In addition, students will learn and develop a
skill set, including but not limited to, seamanship and
basic marine engine theory that will provide the most
success in an ocean-oriented career.
Marine Mammal Behavior and Training Certificate
includes hands-on and in-water ineteractive dolphin
experiences. All course work takes place at the
Dolphin Research Center on Grassy Key. The program
includes: meal preparation; animal handling and
behavior modification through operant conditioning;
anamial presentation and narration delivery; cognitive
research and implementation; behavior observation
and research; and animal enrichment design and
Tropical Ornamental Mariculture Technician
is designed to develop marine ornamental
entrepreneurs and provide technical level marine
aquaculture skills to help fill the growing marine
aquaculture jobs which supplies oceanic resources from
a cultured environment and not the ocean.
For more information, contact Dr. Patrick Rice, Program
Advisor of Marine Environmental Technology, at
305/809-3228 or
Marine Engineering, Management and
In the Florida Keys, boating is a year-long business that is
enjoyed by both locals and visitors. Boats provide access
to our unique and beautiful offshore surroundings and
are essential to a number of industries, including but not
limited to tourism, diving, fishing, marine science, and
transportation. Therefore skilled marine mechanics and
qualified boat captains are constantly needed.
FKCC’s Marine Engineering Department offers courses
for individuals who wish to pursue careers in the marine
industry, as well as the weekend boater. The
Associate in
Applied Science in Marine Engineering, Management,
and Seamanship
is designed to prepare graduates to
enter the professional mariner world by learning about
vessels from the keel up. All phases of marine servicing
instruction follow industry standards.
The department also offers a one-year vocational
program to earn a
Marine Engineering (Propulsion)
It is designed for students who want training
in marine gasoline and diesel engines, fiberglassing, or
welding without immediately pursuing an A.S. degree.
However, the coursework in the certificate program can
be applied to the A.S.
FKCC also offers training for the professional mariner,
including: Operator of an Uninspected Vessel (6 Pack),
100 ton Master Upgrade, Coastal Navigation, and Basic
Other Optional Certifications:
USCG Captain’s License
FKCCWelding Certification
Marine Radio Operator
Sailing Endorsement
Towing Endorsement
Optional Factory Certifications (Offsite*):
Bombardier/Evinrude Marine:
Bombardier Rigging and Propping
Bombardier Troubleshooting
Evinrude E-Tech Outboards
Evinrude E-Tech V Models
*Depending on Availability
For more information call the Department of Marine
Engineering, Management and Seamanship at
305-809-3232 or email
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