August 3, 2016—Florida Keys Community College (FKCC) was ranked eighteenth among the best community colleges in the nation in 2016 by, an investment website. analyzed 565 two-year colleges and ranked them by looking at four factors: the student-faculty ratio; the graduation and transfer rate; the cost of in-state tuition and fees; and the ratio of graduates’ median starting salaries to the full cost of attendance. concluded that that the top colleges “provide their students with an inexpensive, world-class education and a good return on investment.”

“This national ranking is a welcome recognition for FKCC’s continued efforts to provide educational and economic opportunities for our students and our community,” said Dr. Jonathan Gueverra, FKCC’s President and CEO.  “Our graduates receive some of the highest first year incomes of all graduates of Florida’s State Colleges because our educational and training opportunities equip them with the tools to help them make smart decisions about their education and career plans.”

FKCC offers a variety of two-year degrees and certificates in fields such as hospitality, ecotourism, marine science, marine engineering, diving, business, health, and public safety.

“We work closely with all manner of industries to ensure students are well-trained for viable, high-paying careers that fuel our economy and workforce,” Gueverra added.

FKCC was one of only two colleges in Florida to make’s ranking; the other was Tallahassee Community College.