The Aquaculture Laboratory at Florida Keys Community College made an exciting discovery.  For the first time since Hurricane Irma, one breeding pair of clownfish laid a clutch of eggs.  The breeders, a standard wild-type “Nemo” female crossed with a male “Black Ice Snowflake” designer male, have been regular spawners for the past year and a half in the College’s facility and have parented many hundreds of young.  However, breeding came to a halt after the lab was relocated temporarily after the storm damaged the building where it was housed.

“Finding ‘Nemo’ eggs was a beautiful way to start the New Year! Even our clownfish have shown remarkable resilience following Irma,” said Dr. Michelle “Mick” Walsh, Professor of Marine Science and Technology at FKCC.  Many of the fish in the College’s Aquaculture Lab survived the storm despite hours without power to their tanks.

“We look forward to the pair’s continued contributions to support our Marine Environmental Technology and Tropical Ornamental Mariculture Technician students during the lab-based aquaculture classes this semester.”