Members of the Key West Sea Turtle Club gathered at FKCC’s Key West Campus to present a $1,000 donation to their scholarship for marine science students.
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The Key West Sea Turtle Club continues its support for Florida Keys Community College students studying marine science with a donation of $1,000 to the scholarship fund in their name.  The application process is underway for the Key West Sea Turtle Club Scholarship for the Fall 2018 semester.  Interested students can view this and other scholarship opportunities on the College’s website at

“We see this scholarship as an investment in the environment,” said the club’s president Ralph Capone. “By supporting the education of future generations of marine scientists, we’re helping to protect and restore marine ecosystems, which sea turtles and countless other organisms rely on.”

The Key West Sea Turtle Club is a volunteer-driven, nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection of threatened and endangered marine turtles and their habitats. When not scoping the beaches for turtle nests and monitoring eggs, the club has been selling t-shirts and holding events to raise money for this scholarship.

For more information about ways to support the FKCC Foundation, contact Dee Dee Vaughan, Coordinator of the FKCC Foundation and Alumni, at 305-809-3153 or