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Special scholarship opportunities available for hospitality and tourism students.
at Florida
Keys Community College is a 60
credit, two-year degree (Associate
in Arts) that is designed for both the
student who wants to earn a four-
year degree (Bachelor of Science
in Hospitality), and for the student
who desires to enter the workforce
directly after the two years.
For bachelor degree seeking
students, upon completion of
your AA degree at FKCC, you will
have the opportunity to articulate
(transfer) to four-year programs in
Florida as a junior. The Hospitality
courses are also available to non-
degree seeking students.
Hospitality Management is a career
path that involves many different
disciplines, including marketing,
finance, revenue management, food
service, supervision and customer
HFT 1002 Intro to Hospitality and TourismManagement
Survey of resort, hospitality, and tourism industries with focus on the history,
terminology, demographics, psychographics, and destination. Emphasis is placed on
planning and development, current trends, and social impacts. Types of organizational
operations and career opportunities are examined.
FSS 2251 Food and Beverage Management
An application of principles in commercial and institutional food and beverage facilities
including marketing, menu development, effective cost control in purchasing, pricing,
labor and service techniques. Procedures, approaches and techniques of management
are explored and developed as they relate to commercial and institutional food and
beverage facilities.
HFT 2500 Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism
Students develop actual marketing campaign for business within hospitality industry.
Emphasis on (a) analysis of market, competition and product, (b) planning financial
budget and (c) developing short-term and long-range strategies to achieve desired profit
through effective advertising, sales and public relations plan.
MAN 2949 Internship – Hospitality and TourismManagement
This course is an internship at a local hospitality/
tourism operation and may be taken in either the
fall or spring semester of year two (after
completing a minimum of 30 hours).
Additional Coursework Topics
English Composition, College Algebra, Computer Applications, Accounting, Statistics,
Management, Economics, and Sciences
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