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Classes Now at the San Carlos Institute on Duval Street
About the San Carlos Institute
Considered one of Florida’s most
beautiful and historic landmarks,
the San Carlos Institute was
founded in 1871 by Cuban exiles
of Key West as an educational,
civic and patriotic center. The
multi-purpose facility serves as
a museum, library, art gallery,
theater, and school.
Florida Keys Community College
is pleased to partner with the San
Carlos Institute to offer college
courses in the historic Cuban cultural
landmark located at 516 Duval
Street. The additional class location
provides convenience and expands
access to community members who
live and/or work in downtown Key
West. For the San Carlos Institute,
the partnership marks the return to
its origins as one of the America’s
first bilingual and integrated schools
as well as an affirmation of its
historic mission of “freedom through
The following credit and non-credit
courses are being offered in the
Spring term:
Oral & Community History
This course will explore the
purpose, value, theory, and
achievement of oral and
community history. Students will
gain experience in collecting,
interpreting, and processing their
own interviews.
Survival Spanish
Students will be introduced to
the basic components of the
Spanish language. The course will
enable students to express simple
concepts in writings, understand
basic questions and statements, get
the gist of newspaper-level reading
material and carry on a simple
English for Absolute Beginner
6 weeks of a beginner’s class
designed to provide a strong base
on which to build English skills. This
course uses Exploring English, Book
1, page 1.
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