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The term“Virtual Campus” at FKCC refers to the college’s
method of instruction delivered through technology.
Courses offered through the Virtual Campus are offered
in a way that the student and the instructor do not
always need to be in the same place and/or at the same
time in order for teaching and learning to occur.
Types of Virtual Courses
courses can be taken with few or no
campus visits and use one or many different types of
technology for remote delivery of course materials.
At least 80% of the instruction is completed with
the student separated from the instructor by either
location, time or both.
courses are a combination of web-based
and face-to-face classroom instruction. A range
of 30% to 79% of the course is completed online.
These courses have a definite on-campus meeting
schedule, in addition to online activities.
Are you ready for Online Learning?
Taking an online class requires advanced study habits,
learning styles, technical skills and motivation to
succeed that some traditional classes may not. Before
you register for an online course, you must make
sure online learning is right for you.
If you have never taken an online course but are
interested, login into your D2L account, look under
“My FKCC Courses” and work through the D2L Student
Orientation. This overview will help you decide if this
type of learning format is for you.
Busy Life? Take courses from home knowing that
your professor is just a few mile markers away.
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