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FKCC is proud to have an open door admissions
policy. With the exception of the nursing program,
which is a limited access program with a selective
admission process, any and all qualified applicants
are accepted and may enter in the fall, spring, or
summer sessions. The basic application process
involves 5 steps.
Step 1.
You can submit an application online at
edu or you may print the application and submit
it via US mail. There is a one-time, non-refundable
application fee of $30.
Step 2. Requesting Your Transcripts
Be sure to provide official transcripts from any and
all schools you have previously attended. If you
have never attended college, you must arrange
to have your official high school transcript, official
home school documentation or your proof of
general equivalency diploma (GED) completion
submitted from the school directly to FKCC. If you
attended college, you must arrange to have your
official college transcripts submitted from each and
every college you attended directly to FKCC. Official
transcripts are required prior to the first term of
enrollment to complete the application process.
Step 3. Taking a Placement Test
Florida Keys Community College primary placement test,
the Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT) is
appropriate for those who have not taken the SAT or ACT,
or whose SAT or ACT scores are more than two years old.
PERT replaces the CPT.
The purpose of PERT is to help provide information
about your skills in the English language, reading,
and mathematics. Your test results will be used in the
academic advising process to ensure that you enroll
in the appropriate levels of English (communication/
humanities), reading, and mathematics courses.
You may need to take the PERT, if you are a degree-seeking
student, a returning student who changes to degree-
seeking status, or as well as a non-degree seeking student
who wishes to enroll in English, reading, mathematics courses, or
any course requiring college level English or math as a prerequisite.
Please call one of the three location for testing dates or check for
dates on our website,
Step 4. Academic Planning and Course Selection
Whether you are pursuing a degree for university transfer,
vocational interests, professional development, or simply taking
courses for personal enrichment, FKCC Advising Services can
assist you in selecting the best courses to meet your educational,
professional and personal goals. Academic Advisors provide:
• Explanation of your placement test scores
• Review of degree requirements
• Scheduling of courses
• Career advisement
• Transfer advisement
• College Placement Test and New Student Orientation
Step 5. New Student Orientation
First time in college students at Florida Keys Community College
must attend this important session. During orientation the
following will be covered:
• FKCC resources and services
• Degree programs
• Important college policies and procedures
• Financial aid/scholarship opportunities
• Registration information
• Website and email
If you have questions about the orientation or testing dates, please
Key West Campus Advising Services
Middle Keys Center, Nancy Smith
Upper Keys Center, Keri Dozier
For more information or application assistance, email the
FKCC Admissions Office at
or call (305)
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