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The business world is dynamic and constantly
expanding; those holding a business degree or
certificate are better prepared to succeed. In FKCC’s
program, students will master management, critical
reasoning, computer, and communications skills that will
be in demand throughout one’s career. This program
instructs students in a range of essential topics needed
to succeed in business—whether in the private, public,
or service sectors. Students will be prepared for entry-
level jobs in management, marketing, personal selling,
accounting, and financial services.
Academic Programs
is designed to
provide individuals with the skills and knowledge
necessary to identify innovative opportunities and to
start and/or improve their own business. Students
will develop a portfolio of assignments throughout
the coursework that will culminate in a business plan
presentation. To prepare for this capstone event,
students will first learn the fundamentals of the business
environment. Subsequently, this knowledge will provide
a foundation for students to create a marketing plan and
pro forma financial statements. Additionally, students will
gain a working knowledge of E-Commerce and related
electronic business enhancement.
For more information contact Dr. Frank Wood, Dean of Arts and Sciences, at
call 305-809-3287.
Enter the workforce, climb the ladder,
or start your own business.
Associate in Science in Business Administration
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