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Computer science is one of the fastest-growing
industries and permeates all business sectors
throughout the world. As technology constantly
evolves, the demand for well-trained computer science
professionals remains strong.
prepares students for jobs such as PC
support specialist, help desk specialist, microcomputer
specialist, network specialist, software specialist, and
information systems specialist. This degree prepares
students for CompTIA industry certification.
students for jobs such as
computer programmer aide, junior programmer, senior
programmer, data manager, programmer analyst, and
mid-range computer specialist. Both technical and non-
technical subjects are offered to broaden the individual’s
perspective and horizons in the field of computer
is designed
to provide students with the skills to work under the
leadership of a senior professional, providing support
For more information contact Dawn Ellis, Computer Science Department Chair, at
or call
With the increasing growth in
Florida’s population, and the
need to replace retiring officers,
the job outlook for law
enforcement is very favorable.
Becoming a law enforcement
officer is a challenging but
deeply rewarding career. The
fundamental duty of a law
enforcement officer is to serve
the community by safeguarding
lives and property, protecting the innocent against
deception, helping the weak against oppression or
intimidation, and combating violence and crime.
Ultimately law enforcement officers protect the
constitutional rights of all for liberty, equality and justice.
offers Basic Recruit
Academies in
Basic Law Enforcement
and cross-over training between the two disciplines. We
also offer advanced and specialized training courses for
commissioned officers. Coursework encompasses training
in legal procedures, communications, vehicle operations,
investigations, defensive tactics, first aid, traffic stops,
firearms, patrol techniques and crowd control.
Students interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree in
Criminal Justice are encouraged to pursue an A.A. by
adhering to the Criminal Justice Studies “Transfer Plan.”
For more information call the Institute for Public Safety at (305) 809-3200 or email
Join the honorable ranks of those who protect and serve.
Fill the demand in the high-tech,
fast-growing field of Computer Science.
Associate in Science in Computer Information Technology or Computer Programming and Analysis
Public Safety: Law Enforcement and Corrections Academies
through the design, development, implementation
and maintenance of a company’s internally developed
application services. Certificate courses may be applied
to the A.S. in Computer Programming and Analysis.
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