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specific to marine ornamentals from
a variety of taxa including corals,
various other inverts, and finfish,
(2) a review of tropical marine
ornamentals systems, including
state-of-the-art designes, (3) a
review of specific diet and nutritional
formulations for a variety of tropical
marine ornamentals species, (4) a
detailed overview of a variety of
husbandry techniques for most of
the known marine species currently
being cultured, including specific
temperature and photoperiod
manipulations for spawning, species
specific life styles, (5) selective
breeding techniques for enhanced
phenotypic traits such as colors, size
and shape, etc. Students will work
directly with clownfish (Aphiprion
spp.), ornamental groupers (Family:
Serranidae), and corals (Acropora
spp.) using Tropical Ornamental
Modular Eduation Systems (TOMES)
in a laboratory setting.
Marine Technology
2 & 4 Cycle Outbrd Rep & Maint
MTE 1053C
This course is not ordinarily counted
in the Associate in Arts degree.
A basic, two-cycle and four-cycle
gasoline outboard engine course in
terminology, fasteners, hand tools,
measuring instruments and special
tools. Laboratory consists of each
inspecting and assembling outboard
power heads. Using manufacturers’
literature, each student in lab must
submit a written report setting forth
every part name, function, condition,
part number and cost, as well as
special tools or procedures used on
each power head.
2&4 Cycle Outboard Theory
MTE 1052
This is a course in basic outboard
engine survival skills. Starting with
an introduction into the basics of
two and four cycle outboard theory
and design; students learn how these
engines are built and operate so that
they may better understand upkeep
and basic troubleshooting. The
lecture material will be pesented via
Desire to Learn (D2L) in the form of
PowerPoint lectures, videos, Podcast
and various reading assignments.
After completing a lesson using
D2L students will meet in Marine
Engineering Laboratory for a face-to-
face review of the lesson and hands
on training. The hands on portion
of this course will cover techniques
for recovering a sunken outboard,
routine and annual maintenance,
plus basic troubleshooting
techniques useful for helping the
mariner return safely home from sea.
Adv Fbrgls Boat & Access Const
MTE 1302C
This is the continuation course for
boat and accessory construction
with the final goal being that of
finished products. The course covers
flat molding, mold construction,
surface finishes, color matching
following repairs, use of a chopper
gun, vacuum bag construction and
ship yard surveys.
AdvancedWelding Techniques
MTE 2652C
This course is not ordinarily counted
in the Associate in Arts degree. This
course provides practice in advanced
welding techniques in TIG and MIG
welding and includes repairing
aluminum parts on marine engines.
Provides practice of skills in vertical
overhead welding using destructive
and nondestructive testing.
Emphasis is upon welding design,
construction and special welding
Basic Seamanship
MTE 1811
This course is not ordinarily
counted in the Associate in Arts
degree. Fundamentals of small boat
handling, chart reading, rules of
the road, rigging, safety and boat
licensing. Hands-on plotting with
local charts, practical knots and other
rope work. Weather permitting on
the water practice.
Diesel Fuel Injection Systems
MTE 2160C
A study of variation and design
and principals of operation of fuel
injection systems used on diesel
engines. Using the assembled
system on a wide range of diesel
engines from 8 horsepower to 1800
horsepower. Diesel injector pump
and governor inspection, (electronic
and mechanical) disassembly, repair
and reinstallation. Introduction
to regulations, standards and
recommended practices by the
American Boat and Yacht Council
Intro to Fiberglass Boat Manuf
MTE 1300C
This course is not ordinarily counted
in the Associate in Arts degree.
A Lecture-Laboratory course on
fiberglass boat manufacturing
from cleaning & preparing a mold,
gel coating and laying up the
hull with the stringers & transom.
Manufacturing of decks and floors
will also be covered and if time
allows demonstrated.
Mar Eng Install & Repower Proc
MTE 1180C
This course is not ordinarily counted
in the Associate in Arts degree.
Theory and hands-on experience
of actual engine installations for
inboard, sterndrives, jetdrives and
outboards. Complete installation
including controls and instruments
will be covered.
Mar Prop Gasoline Eng Trbsht
MTE 2072C
This course is designed to help
the Marine Technician develop the
skills and knowledge necessary to
accurately analyze, diagnose and
repair problems that affect the
performance of a boat. During the
conduct of this course students will
reinforce skills and understanding
developed in previous courses, and
relates these to operating condition
changes. The use of troubleshooting
aids and service manuals will also
be emphasized in this course. Use of
factory service manuals and special
tools will be emphasized.
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