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Marine Diesel Systems
MTE 1042C
This course is not ordinarily counted
in the Associate in Arts degree.
This course covers theory, design,
and preventive maintenance of
the air intake, exhaust, lubrication,
and cooling systems. Subject
matter includes USCG, ABYC, NFPA
and other design, functions, and
servicing of filters, blowers, turbo
chargers, oil and water pumps,
exhaust manifolds and elbows, oil
coolers, and heat exchangers; how
to select oils and coolants; and use
of diagnostic tools, engine room
designs. This course covers electronic
diesel systems.
Marine Ignition & Fuel Systems
MTE 1166C
This course addresses the theory,
operation and service of up-to-
date fuel and ignition systems as
well as conventional systems and
focuses upon characteristics of fuels
and their oil mixture, fuel systems,
safety, marine carburetors, tank
construction and correct installation.
In-depth study of 2- and 4-cycle
carburetor repair and service.
Ignition system and troubleshooting
using test equipment and the (K&D)
Dynometer. Use of factory service
manuals and special tools will be
Mrn Auxiliary Equip Servicing
MTE 2541C
This course is not ordinarily counted
in the Associate in Arts degree. This
course provides an introduction
to pumps, DC/AC electricity and
generators; hydraulics; LP gas
systems, solar power, marine
sanitation devices, air conditioning
and refrigeration, and other topics
of interest to mariners. Within
each unit, theory of operation
and fundamentals of servicing are
taught with a strong emphasis on
techniques. Stern drive and outboard
power Tilt and Trim operations and
Mrn Grcs, Outdrvs & Transms Sy
MTE 2234C
This course is not ordinarily counted
in the Associate in Arts degree. This
course emphasizes large outboard
lower units, stern drives and marine
gear assemblies including Borg-
Warner, and Twin Disc for use on
engines to 500 H.P. Focus will be
upon the function of gears, gearing,
bearings, and seals relating this
information to the schematics of
transmissions found in the service
manuals. Complete disassembly
and reassembly procedures on all
outboard lower units including
mechanical, Alpha I, Bravo I, Cobra,
King Cobra, Volvo gear cases
using special tools and shimming
procedures. Study of hydraulics in
transmission of Borg-Warner, Twin
Disc. In depth theory of propellers
and selection, using manufacturer’s
PipeWelding w/ MIG & TIG
MTE 2654C
This class is the 3rd in the sequence
of classes. Students will study and
practice basic welding principles
involving Gas Metal Arc Welding
(GMAW), and Gas Tungsten Arc
Welding (GTAW), as well as,
Advanced Shielded Metal Arc
Welding (SMAW) in the vertical &
overhead positions. Safe industry
work practices will be taught
with emphasis on eye and body
protection. Advanced fit up, “Jig”,
and layout techniques will be
covered. This course will serve as
an introduction to the welding
field and additional course work
will be necessary for students to
become proficient with the welding
Calculus & Analytic Geometry 1
MAC 2311
This course begins with the study
of limits, continuity, derivatives, and
applications. The course ends with
the study of antiderivatives and
applications of the definite integral
to area under a curve. This course
is taught with analytic geometry
Calculus & Analytic Geometry 2
MAC 2312
This course includes but is not
limited to the study of applications
of the definite integral, derivatives
and integrals involving exponential,
logarithmic, trigonometric, and
hyperbolic functions and their
inverses and the study of formal
methods of integration.
Calculus for Business Majors
MAC 2233
This course is for business students.
Major topics include limits,
differentiation and integration of
algebraic functions, exponential and
logarithmic functions, areas, and
applications of the preceding topics
to problems in business.
College Algebra
MAC 1105
This course is a study of functions
and their properties. The functions
studied include polynomials,
rational, absolute value, radical,
exponential, and logarithmic.
Properties include functional
notation, domains, ranges, graphs,
operations, and inverses. Application
problems are designed so that they
can be applied to practical situations.
A graphing calculator is required for
this course.
Developmental Mathematics I
MAT 0018
Topics include: whole numbers;
integers; fractions; decimals;
decimals and percents; geometry;
Developmental Mathematics II
MAT 0028
Topics include: exponents and
polynomials; factoring; radicals,
rationals; linear equations; graphing.
Int Probability & Statistics I
STA 2023
A mathematics course that focuses
on the following major topics:
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