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Florida Keys Community College is proud to now offer on-campus
student housing. The 100-bed, waterfront residence hall, aptly
named Lagoon Landing, is located adjacent to our dive training
lagoon on the Key West Campus.
Lagoon Landing features suite-style living arrangements with
fully-furnished four- and five-bedroom, two-bathroom units. The
common living area of each suite includes a kitchenette with
a refrigerator, stove-top, and microwave. Free Wi-Fi and cable
television connections are provided in all student rooms. Each suite
is equipped with an emergency telephone and building entrances
are accessible only to residents and authorized college officials and are also monitored by security cameras.
Residents of Lagoon Landing enjoy social areas such as the patio lounge and fitness center. They also have access to
the college pool, tennis courts, and student lounge during designated times.
Like any great place to live, Lagoon Landing’s best qualities are location, location, location!
Residents live
waterfront, in the heart of our beautiful
campus with one of the best sunset views in
the Keys.
are just steps from their classes, their
instructors, their advisors, and resources
like the Library and ISLE tutoring center to
support their academic success.
“Lagoon Landing”
hosts regular social events—enabling
residents to connect with suitemates and
neighbors and develop friendships that
will be the foundation of their collegiate
Preference will be given to first-time-in-college, full-time, degree-seeking students. For more information, email
or visit
to take the virtual tour and view the “Goonie Life” photo gallery.
Only 100 beds! Apply today!
Enjoy Island Living
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