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HUS 1421
Assess & Treat Planning
This course mixes both theory and
practical application of the process of
gathering data from a number of sources
and synthesizing this information for the
purpose of preparing a treatment plan
for an addiction client. It begins with a
review of addiction basics and ends with
each student completing an assessment
interview and writing up a Bio-psycho-
social Narrative Assessment.
HUS 1444
This course explores the concept and
disease process of co-dependency.
Major issues of co-dependency including
characteristics, family roles and rules are
examined. The impact of alcoholism in
the family and society are discussed with
the development of adult children of
alcoholics. Recovery issues are examined
including strategies for stress.
HUS 1422
Comm Skills Using Thera Comm
Students will focus on basic
communication skills-attending,
paraphrasing, reflection, interpretation,
summarizing, probing self-disclosures
and confrontation. Various therapeutic
communication techniques will be
explored as well as common blocks to
communication. Effective helper skills
will be discussed.
HUS 1424
Counsel Chem Depend Client I
This course provides an overview of
counseling/treatment modalities used
in chemical dependency. Common
problems encountered in the chemically
dependent client will be explored with
the focus on 1:1 or individual counseling
HUS 1426
Counsel Chem Depend Client II
This course expands on theories of
counseling as they specifically apply to
counseling the chemically dependent
client. The focus of the course is one-
on-one counseling according to various
theorists. Students will be involved in
practicing these skills so that they can
ultimately develop their own eclectic
styles. Common clinical obstacles
will be explored as they apply to the
active treatment phase and continuing
treatment phase.
HUS 2930
Course Review/Exam Prep
This course reviews and highlights
various components in addictions
counseling from screening to
consultation. Emphasis is given to
important points for both the written
and oral exam administered by the
Certification Board of Addictions
Professionals of Florida (CBAPF).
HUS 1450
Dual Diagnosis-Sub Abuse
This course provides an overview of
symptomatology and treatment of
chemical dependency and a concurrent
psychiatric diagnosis. Psychiatric
disorders covered include major anxiety
disorder, depression, post-traumatic
mood disorders and suicide, obsessive-
compulsive disorder, attention deficit
disorder and psychotic disorders.
Assessment of these disorders is
emphasized in order that the addictions
counselor may assess and appropriately
refer. It is emphasized that this course is
an overview in symptomatology rather
than treatment because addictions
counselors are not qualified to diagnose
or treat concurrent psychiatric disorders.
Important issues for addictions
counselors such as taking psychotropic
drugs in recovery are explored.
HUS 1500
Ethics for Addiction Prfssnal
This course provides an understanding
of legal and ethical issues encountered
in counseling and the field of addictions.
Students will explore the Code of Ethics
and Conduct for Addiction Professional
of Florida in depth. Numerous case
studies will be presented allowing
students to practice ethical and legal
decision making. The concept of
boundaries and boundary invasion
will be discussed. The student will be
exposed to various legal statutes that
effect the addiction counselor.
HUS 1423
Group Counseling in Sub Abuse
This course introduces the student to
the principles and practices of group
counseling. Individual and group
therapies are compared and contrasted.
Therapeutic factors inherent in group
therapy are explored. Training of the
group counselor is explained. Group
counseling as it specifically relates to
addictions will be emphasized.
HUS 1480
HIV/AIDS & the Subs Abuser
This course provides an overview of HIV/
AIDS pathology, clinical manifestations
and treatment. It specifically focuses on
medical management and psychosocial
management of HIV/AIDS in the
substance abusing and recovering
population. Local agencies are invited
to enhance the student’s ability to refer
HUS 1007
Int to Cert Add Prof Process
This course will expose the student
to the requirements established by
the Florida Certification Board (FCB)
and Florida law to become a Certified
Addiction Specialist (CAS), Certified
Addiction Counselor (CAC), or a Certified
Addiction Professional(CAP).
HUS 1400
Intro to Chem Depend/Addict
This course is one of the basic
introduction courses in the addictions
studies program and includes a basic
overview of the disease of addiction/
chemical dependency; a historical
perspective of addictions and reviews
a variety of addiction disorders; DSM-IV
criteria necessary to diagnose addiction/
dependence and abuse and to become
familiar with the differences between
abuse and dependence; introductory
knowledge on the permanent brain
chemistry changes that take place in
addiction; a theoretical basis for treating
addiction and treatment protocol.
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