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HUS 2482
Issues Intimacy/Sexuality
This course provides an overview of the
common intimacy and sexual concerns
faced by the recovering population. The
normal human sexual response cycle
will be covered along with various kinds
of relationships on a continuum from
homosexuality to heterosexuality. The
role of the counselor in sex/relationship
counseling will be emphasized as well as
appropriate referral sources.
HUS 1481
Multicultural Counseling
Multicultural counseling has been a
rapidly growing component of counselor
training for the past several years. This
course helps counselors to be ethical
and competent therapists by enhancing
multicultural awareness, knowledge,
and skills. Various ethnic and special
populations are discussed including
their values, perceptions of counseling,
and special needs. The course includes
video counselor/client which students
analyze and evaluate. Ethic and special
populations include African American,
Hispanic, American Indian, gay/lesbian,
adolescents, elders, men and women.
HUS 1337
Ovrvw of Scrng Client Intake
This course defines client screening,
eligibility, appropriateness, intake,
assessment, and orientation. The steps
that counselors take in each phase are
covered. Patient rights and ethical/legal
requirements of Florida are explored.
HUS 1681
Pharmacology of Drugs of Abuse
Beginning with a review of brain
chemistry and progression through the
function, action, and interaction of the
major classes of drugs. Each drug class
is reviewed discussing signs, symptoms,
addictive potential, withdrawal, detox
protocol, and special issues including
post acute withdrawal syndrome.
HUS 2460
Relapse Prevention
This course focuses on why relapse
occurs and why it is considered a part of
recovery for many addicts. The course
aids helping professionals to prepare
clients to deal with relapse mode
behavior and quick recovery from slips.
HUM 2250
Humanities in the 20th Century
This is an integrated examination of
dominant ideas in Western culture as
expressed in art, music, philosophy,
religion, and science from the turn
of the century to the present. This
course focuses on the creative forces
which have shaped contemporary
consciousness from the pioneering
work of Einstein, Picasso, Stravinsky,
andWright through the dominance of
objective consciousness to the newly
emerged guiding “myths” of today. There
is a 6,000 word writing requirement.
HUM 1020
Introduction to Humanities
This is a basic introduction to the
student of humanities using an
interdisciplinary approach. This course
focuses on central concepts and the
fundamental nature of philosophy,
architecture, literature, music, religion,
and art. Concepts from these disciplines
are integrated with contemporary
American culture. This course includes a
6,000 word writing requirement.
SPN 1120C
Beginning Spanish I
Spoken and written forms of the
Spanish language. The major purpose
of the course is to teach students to
understand and to speak Spanish as a
medium of communication through
a good pronunciation and solid
SPN 1121C
Beginning Spanish II
Strengthening the student’s ability
to speak and understand Spanish
through cultural readings and practical,
interesting class discussions. The course
provides information about Spanish
customs and the Hispanic World.
SPN 2220C
Intermediate Spanish I
This course involves the intensive review
of rules and principles for writing and
speaking as well as other structural
aspects of the Spanish language.
Reading materials are built around
specific and realistic situations that
present insights into Spanish and Latin
American culture. The active practical
use of Spanish for communication is
continually emphasized in the context of
cultural backgrounds.
Library Science
LIS 2004
Intro to Internet Research
This course is offered by the Florida
public community college system. It
is delivered via the WorldWide Web
and Internet e-mail. The course focuses
on methods of accessing information
resources available through the Internet.
Students will learn to design search
strategies, retrieve, evaluate and cite
Internet resources. One hour lecture.
CRW 1300
Beginning PoetryWriting
This course focuses on shorter poetry
writing in a workshop format. Basic
structural and formal elements
of conventional, free form and
experimental poetry are introduced
and interpreted through readings of
and structured critical response to the
student’s own poetry. Occasionally,
established poets’ work is introduced
as example and model. Through
supportive in-class critique, the student
learns the craft of revising poetry. The
course includes a 6,000 word writing
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