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FKCC’s James E. Lockwood Jr. School of Diving
and Underwater Technology is one of the premier
underwater education centers in the country. Faculty
members have a broad range of expertise from
recreational and commercial diving to military and
public safety fields. The school’s superior facilities,
located at “The Point” on the Key West Campus, include
a 40-foot deep controlled lagoon environment, secure
training platforms, a complete dive locker of basic,
advanced and specialty equipment, low and high
pressure air stations, and an Olympic-size pool. Divers
also enjoy access to a living coral reef just seven miles off
the coast of Key West.
will prepare students to enter diving
specialty areas such as recreational diving, work/
commercial diving, public safety diving, research diving
and hyperbaric dive medicine. Graduates may be
qualified to work as instructors at destination resorts,
dive technicians for research programs, divers for
underwater construction and inspection firms, as well
as operators of diving and hyperbaric facilities.
Diving Certificates
are designed for those students
who want training in diving technology without
immediately pursuing the Associate in Applied
Science degree. These courses may also apply to
the A.A.S. in Diving Business & Technology if a
student later decides on that option. Students are
encouraged to take the Fundamentals of Professional
Diving courses and obtain the certification before
choosing one of the following certificates to
, Professional
Dive Instructor,
For more information, contact Lana Sielski, Department Chair of Diving Business and Technology, at 305/809-3214 or
Make a living in, on and underwater.
Academic Programs
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