Students should observe the planned prerequisites stated in the Catalog
when scheduling courses. Program advisors are available to assist the
student in course planning to ensure they meet degree or certificate
program requirements. Students are urged to plan their schedule with an
advisor each term to avoid unnecessary courses or scheduling errors.
Students are expected to attend all of their scheduled classes. The
college reserves the right at anytime to address individual cases of non-
attendance. Each instructor determines the effect of absences upon
grades. Instructors will include the attendance policy in their course
Arranging to make-up work missed because of legitimate class absence
is the responsibility of the student. In general, reasons that may be
accepted for absence from class include: illness, serious family emergency,
special curricular requirements (e.g., field trips, professional conferences),
military obligations, severe weather conditions, religious holidays, and
participation in official college-sponsored activities.
Absences from class for court-imposed legal obligations (e.g., jury duty or
subpoena) must be excused. The student may offer other sound reasons
for consideration. At the instructor’s discretion, written documentation
sustaining the reason for an absence may be requested.
In the event a particular class has a waiting list, a student may be
withdrawn for non-attendance.
The college recognizes that a thoughtful and reasoned search for truth can
be conducted only in an atmosphere free from intimidation and coercion.
Students are expected to respect the rights and welfare of all members of
the college and to exercise common sense, good taste, and applied reason
when testing their knowledge.
Students are free to take reasonable exception to data and views offered in
the classroom and to reserve judgment about matters of opinion, but they
are responsible for satisfying the requirements of any course in which they
are enrolled.
The student is entitled to protection against improper disclosure of
information concerning grades, beliefs, or character that an instructor
acquires in professional association with the student. Judgments of ability
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