College Resources
Florida Keys Community College is an open-access, educational
institution dedicated to serving the intellectual, diverse, cultural, and
occupational needs of the Florida Keys as well as the global community.
The college is committed to student-centric academic programs
and services, workforce development, continuing education, diverse
partnerships, electronically delivered instruction, and sustainable
practices that prepare students for personal success and responsible
FKCC will be a leader in quality education, innovative learning and a
unifying force within the community.
• Uphold a student-centered environment that promotes
excellence in teaching and effective learning
• Engage the Keys community to strengthen relationships and
develop identified programs and services
Foster a sustainable, healthy, and productive organizational
environment focused on achieving the college’s mission
• Promote the college and its unique offerings throughout the
Keys and global community
Florida Keys Community College strives to ensure that its graduates
who complete the core curriculum possess the knowledge, skills and
values associated with college-educated individuals. A method for
accomplishing this is to assess general education, the core curriculum,
each semester to identify that graduates demonstrate proficiency in
competencies that are integrated within the academic disciplines. In
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