an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree without traveling
to the main campus. Student services such as admission, enrollment,
and academic advising are also available. Students can also take non-
credit continuing education classes for workforce training or personal
Distance Learning is defined as classes where students and instructors are
separated by location and/or time for 80% or more of the traditional class
contact time.
Hybrid classes use the same resources as Distance Learning classes. The
difference is the amount of class contact time between students and
instructor. Hybrid classes cannot use these resources to replace class
contact time more than 79% and not less than 50%.
Technology enhanced classes use the same resources but must have
traditional class contact time of at least 51%. At FKCC, Distance Learning
classes, hybrid classes and technology enhanced classes can be delivered
using any of the following resources:
• Desire2Learn (D2L): D2L is an online learning management system
that enables students and instructors to work at their own pace.
• Video conferencing rooms: Video conferencing rooms use audio
and video telecommunications to bring people who are at different
sites together for a class. This can be as simple as a conversation
between a few people in different locations to a full classroom at
two or more sites. FKCC has three rooms located at each location:
Key West Campus, Middle Keys Center and Upper Keys Center.
Video conferencing enables instructors and students to share
documents, show video and display computer presentations.
• Web conferencing software: Currently FKCC is using WebEx to web
conference. Web conferencing requires a computer, video camera,
microphone and the internet to conduct a live class between two
or more participants.
• These classes are synchronous and meet at the same time but
students and instructors are in different locations. This software
allows students and instructors to be at any computer connected to
the Internet to participate.
To get more detailed information about Distance Learning at FKCC, go the
FKCC website a
and click on the virtual classroom
link on the left side of the screen.
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