Florida Keys Community College provides individual employees approved by the VP of Financial and Administrative Services and the Purchasing Director, the privilege to utilize a College VISA PCard. All employees are required sign a PCard Holder Agreement and adhere to all approved guidelines as stated in Procedure 23.4.

Purchasing cards may only be used for officially sanctioned college-related purposes. All PCard purchases must have a clear business purpose and be permitted by the funding source. The PCard is to be used for the purchase of material items or services only. Purchases must be limited to commodity purchases and follow appropriate state laws and guidelines and must be made with reasonable judgment. It is not to be used for the purchase of any gift cards, gift checks or any voucher type paper having a cash value. If there is a question about the official purpose of a purchase or if the use of the purchasing card to make a purchase is questionable, contact the Purchasing Director at Ext. 222 for clarification .

College contract merchants/vendors should be used to purchase commodities, unless the needed items are not available through college contracts.

Any employee who knowingly and willingly makes purchases or attempts to make purchases that violate state laws, FKCC purchasing card procedure 23.4 or assists another employee in such purchases, or fails to report the violation, may be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the Cardholder Agreement.

All transactions conducted within the State of Florida are exempt from State Sales and Use Tax.
The tax- exempt number is listed on each purchasing card.