Are you intrigued by how social media works?  Are you awed by life-like graphics in computer games?  Do you wonder how information exists in a cloud? If your answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then computer science may be the field for you.

Computer and information technology is one of the fastest growing industries and permeates virtually all business sectors throughout the world.  As technology constantly evolves, the demand for well-trained computer science professionals will grow and those with a computer science credential will prosper.

FKCC’s computer science programs combine theory and practice to teach students about computer systems, programming, and maintenance.

FKCC offers two associate degrees, certificates, and numerous industry certifications.

For a limited time, students who take and pass computer certificate exams in CompTIA, Microsoft, Oracle, or Web Design will be eligible to receive $250 courtesy of Monroe Computes in addition to the valuable credential.  FKCC offers courses to prepare students to successfully sit for these exams; however any FKCC student is eligible to sit for the certification exams even without taking a computer class.

For more information about or to discuss FKCC’s computer science programs and opportunities, please contact Professor Dawn Ellis at or 305-809-3284.