Application Fee:
Each new applicant is charged a $30 application fee which covers the costs of handling the application. This is a one time fee and covers all subsequent enrollments. This fee applies to credit and audit students, whether full-time or part-time, day or evening. The application fee is not refundable or transferable.  International application fee is $50.00.

Matriculation and Tuition Fees:

Required tuition fees are established by The College of the Florida Keys District Board of Trustees under State Board of Education regulations. In accordance with Florida statutes, 6% of tuition and matriculation fees are placed in a scholarship fund.

Fees per Credit Hour:

Credit Programs
Advanced and Professional Postsecondary and Vocational College Preparatory

Resident Nonresident
Tuition 82.78 331.11
Technology Fee 4.14  16.56
Financial Aid Fee  4.14  16.56
Student Activity Fee  8.28  8.28
Capital Improvement Fee  9.88 66.22
Total per credit hour  109.22  438.73


Fees per Credit Hour:

Credit Programs

Resident Nonresident
Tuition 91.79 448.79
Technology Fee 4.59 22.44
Financial Aid Fee 4.59 22.44
Student Activity Fee 9.18  9.18
Capital Improvement Fee 18.35 89.75
Total per credit hour 128.50 592.60


Noncredit Programs:

Postsecondary Adult Vocational

Resident Nonresident
Tuition 73.40 293.59
Technology Fee 3.67 14.68
Financial Aid Fee 7.34 29.36
Capital Improvement Fee 3.67 14.68
Total per credit hour 88.08 352.31


Deferment of Fees for Qualified Veterans:
Under the provisions of Florida Law, any eligible veteran or other person who wishes to pursue an approved program of education or training within the meaning of Chapter 34 Title 38 United States Code at any institution within the State University System shall be allowed one (1) deferment for the payment of registration fees within any 12-month period. This is considered to be the 12-month period commencing on the first day of regular registration of the term for which the eligible veteran is requesting deferment. No deferment can be longer than sixty (60) days or up to ten (10) days prior to the end of the term (last day of final examination) whichever is shorter. The deferment shall be given on the first day of registration for the first term of enrollment. Failure to pay deferred fees when due will result in being withdrawn from courses with the full fees still being owed by the Veteran. Full repayment is due whether or not the Veteran receives his VA benefits. No deferment shall be granted to an eligible person who has received advanced or prepaid educational benefits from the Veterans Administration.

Student Activity Fee:

A fee of 10% of the matriculation fee is charged for student activity expenses.

Other Student Fees:

Special – Non-Refundable
The following special non-refundable fees will be added to the regular matriculation and tuition fee when applicable:

  • Credit or Exemption by Examination (per semester hour)…….$20.00
  • Credit by Institutional Exam – Nursing (per semester hour)…….$7.00
  • Graduation Fee …….$25.00 – this fee must be paid when submitting the application for graduation.
  • Transcript Fee …….$3.00
  • Transcript Expediting Fee ( In addition to Transcript Fee )…..$35.00

Non-Credit Fees:

For fees concerning Post-Secondary Adult Vocational, Continuing Workforce Education, Lifelong Learning, and Recreation and Leisure please contact the Office of Continuing Education at (305) 809-3238.

Please see Important Dates for a schedule detailing when fees are due.

Except for the deferment of fees for qualified veterans, all fees are due at the time of registration. The College has no legal provisions for the extension of credit of any kind. No registration will be completed until all fees and prior financial obligations to the College have been paid in full. Students may not attend classes until this is accomplished. Cash, personal checks, Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express for the amount of fees due may be accepted. Please DO NOT mail cash.