Discover & Explore a Career

 Your future begins here at CFK! 

The journey to a career and a rewarding job requires developing goals and planning. 


  1. Discover: What do you want to study at CFK and where will it take you?
  2. Plan: Planning for your future begins now.  You can utilize the Associate of Arts degree transfer plans as part of the roadmap to your goals.
  3. Take Action: Speak with an Academic Advisor or Program Director to assist you in selecting appropriate courses.

Determining which career path is best for you is an important decision. You are not alone as you try to figure out what your own personal goals and aspirations are. Research shows that the average person will explore at least three different career paths in his/her lifetime. The Career Planning and Internship Office is here to assist you in making this important decision.

Call 305-809-3164 for an appointment.

We offer the following programs and services:

  • Florida Shines: MyCareer Shines allows students to make a personal account to explore career interests, aptitudes and current opportunities in Monroe County. Students may also build their resumes, prepare for jobs or internships, and create a career portfolio.
  • Career Workshops: Resume instruction is offered by appointment in the writing center or in your classroom. The CFK Library also provides resources for interview techniques.
  • Job/Career Fairs: The Career Planning and Internship Office hosts a career fair each spring term. Partners from Monroe County are present to offer job and internship opportunities to CFK students.

The Advising department provides all students assistance with resume development and interview skills. To schedule an appointment, call: 305-809-3136 or e-mail: