Discover & Explore a Career  

 Your future begins here at FKCC! 


The journey to a career and a rewarding job requires developing goals and planning. 

The list below is provided as a resource to get you started. 

1. Self AssessDiscover your interests and skills through our computer based and interactive services.

2. What do you want to study at FKCC and where will it take you?

3. Take action:  View Occupational guides , including Miliatry/VA guides, and understand what training/education is required.

4. Plan: Planning for your future begins now.  You can utilize the Associate of Arts degree transfer plans as part of the roadmap to your goals.

5. Speak with an Academic Advisor or Program Director to assist you in selecting appropriate courses.

6. Final step: As you prepare for graduation with FKCC, your next step is to Prepare for a job or University transfer

Are you a recent graduate? Or just seeking employment or an internship?

   Explore employment and Intersnship opportunities listed below


Allied Health

Business & Hospitality

Criminal Justice

Marine Sciences


Featured Career/Employment Resources


Quint Careers


The Advising department proivides all students and alumni assistance with resume development and interview skills.

To schedule an appointment, call: 305-809-3262 or e-mail:

Please note: We do not post for positions using private homes for job placement.  You must have a legitimate business address where the job opportunity will be offered.