CFK’s Internship Program is intended to encourage experiential learning as a complementary approach to a student’s education. With a goal of preparing students, the College’s internship program is focused on providing quality industry internship opportunities that allow students to spend time learning within a real world job experience prior to graduation.

An internship is an academic program-related work experience that usually lasts one semester, may be paid or unpaid, full-time or part-time, and may or may not be for credit. The key in any internship is gaining experience that is related to a student’s program of study.

The College of the Florida Keys offers two types of internships:

Academic Internship: This is a structured method of combining classroom-based education with practical work experience. The College Credit-Eligible Internship provides academic credit for structured job experience. By linking theory and practice through meaningful experiential learning students will be better prepared for the workforce post-graduation.

Career Internship: Although no college credit is awarded for career internships, students gain valuable workplace experience and training through mentoring and coaching by industry professionals. A career internship also provides the opportunity to make significant connections in the field they wish to pursue.  Non-academic internships can occur with or without compensation.

Getting Started:

Students interested in pursuing an internship should first speak with their program department chairperson to determine if they meet the necessary requirements to be eligible to participate as an intern. The chairperson will evaluate whether the internship qualifies as a career or an academic internship. Next, the student will meet with the FKCC Internship Coordinator who will serve as the contact between the student intern and the host business or organization. The student, department chair, and business will agree upon goals, requirements, and deadlines, all of which will be documented with appropriate forms. Typically, these will include but not be limited to the following:

  • Approval of internship site
  • Successful intern interview by internship business/organization hiring department
  • Verification employer is approved by CFK
  • Partnership agreement which may include internship objective, syllabus, and/or grading rubric
  • Student participation in mandatory internship workshop
  • Time and activity log
  • Internship evaluation



For Internship information please contact Latara Williams at 305-809-3164 or email