Estimated Cost of Attendance
Each year CFK develops student expense budgets (cost of attendance), using U. S. Dept. of Education guidelines. Cost of Attendance is used to determine students’ financial need at CFK. Student expense budgets include approximate tuition and fee costs as well as allowances for the cost of books and supplies, transportation, food, housing and personal expenses.  These expense budgets represent the maximum amount of financial aid that students may receive from all sources, including student loans.
The variable factors that are used to construct the student expense budget include:
  • Where the student lives (at home with their parents/relatives, not at home). 
  • The student’s legal state of residency.
  • The student’s enrollment status (the number of credits for which the student enrolls).
The schedule of tuition and fees at CFK
 2018-19 Undergraduate Full-Time Student Cost of Attendance
Expenses FL Resident living w/parents FL Resident living away from parents FL Resident living on campus
Tuition and fees $3,276 $3,276 $3,276
Books and supplies $1,358 $1,358 $1,358
Room and board $4,160 $17,640 $12,635
Transportation $2,818 $2,818 $50
Personal expenses $1,420 $1,420 $1,420
Estimated total cost $13,032 $26,512 $18,739
*Figures are based on an undergraduate student taking 12 credit hours per term for two terms (fall and spring). Out of State students should add $9,886 to tuition/fees. Tuition and fees are projected estimates and are subject to the change by CFK Board of Trustees’.

Cost of Attendance are estimates used for the purpose of Financial Aid. For actual tuition costs please click here.

For Housing cost information, please go to: Lagoon Landing

Use the Net Price Calculator to formulate an estimate of cost of attendance based on your residency and living accommodations.