“Education through hands-on application of marine science, conservation and restoration technology.”

More than 70% of earth is covered by the ocean, and at The College of the Florida Keys (CFK) we believe that you can’t really understand the ocean unless you experience it firsthand.  That’s also why we believe there is no better place to learn about the marine environment than CFK.  At our institution the sea is your school and the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico are your classrooms and labs.  These pristine oceans and seas literally surround our campus providing unparalleled opportunities to study the only living barrier coral reef in North America.  Our school is nestled within the heart of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and students are immersed in one of the most ocean oriented communities in the world.

NEW BS: Marine Resource Management: Program Information

AS: Marine Environmental Technology: Program Information

College Credit Certificate: Tropical Ornamental Mariculture Technician (TOMT): Program Information

AA Transfer Plan: Marine/Aquatic Biology

Coral Restoration Shark Conservation Marine Data Collection Mariculture