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Associate in Arts (university transfer)
Florida Keys Community College’s
s designed for students who plan to transfer to
a four-year institution to complete a bachelor’s degree.
Similar to being at a university, FKCC A.A. students
spend two years focusing on general education courses,
in preparation for two more years in a concentrated field
of study at a university.
The A.A. degree requirements include:
• 36
credit hours of “general education” courses
• 24
credit hours of elective or “university transfer”
During their two years at FKCC, students are encouraged
to develop and adopt a “Transfer Plan” with help from
an academic advisor. Following a Transfer Plan basically
means that a student chooses his/her elective courses
based on the major that he/she intends to pursue
a bachelor’s degree in. Transfer plans can also be
customized for a particular university.
Since FKCC is part of the Florida College System, all
A.A. graduates are guaranteed certain rights under the
statewide Articulation Agreement that governs the
transfer of all Florida community college graduates to
the state university system. However, guarantee of
university admission does not guarantee admission to
limited access programs, which may require a certain
grade point average, test score, portfolio, and/or
Popular transfer plans are listed below.
Business Administration and Management
Criminal Justice
General Transfer
Marine/Aquatic Biology
Academic Programs
It is important that a student select appropriate courses
in both the general education and university transfer
categories. An FKCC advisor can assist with course
selection, or students can use the online academic
advising system For more information or to
schedule an appointment contact Advising Services on
the Key West Campus at (305) 809-3196, at the Middle
Keys Center at 305-809-3145, or at Upper Keys Center at