Page 100 - FKCC Student Handbook 2012 13 final for web

illegal gambling
hazing as defined in Chapter 1006.63 F.S. Chapter 240.326 Florida
unauthorized use of the college name
nudity; tops, bottoms and shoes are required
assault or battery against any member or guest of the college
theft, vandalism, willful destruction, or unauthorized access to
college property or to the property of members of the college
interference with the freedom of movement of any member or guest
of the college
obstruction of the normal processes, freedom of movement and
activities of the college community
deliberate interference with the rights of others
sexual harassment or physical assault
conviction or certain arrests for violation of federal or state laws
determined by the Dean of Student Affairs to jeopardize campus
violation of computer use policies and rules
possession of firearms, concealed weapons, fireworks, explosives
or any other materials or items that may cause bodily injury or
damage to property unless for authorized law enforcement academy
the use of personal pagers, cell phones, and other electronic
communication and entertainment devices (i.e. CD players, tape
recorders, video recorders, any such contrivance with photographic
capability, etc.) in classes, lab and the library is prohibited. Pagers, cell
phones, and other electronic equipment should be turned off and
put away prior to entering [any class regardless of venue]. Students
with legitimate reasons for using this equipment can do so only after
receiving explicit consent of the instructor.
any other offense reasonably deemed to impair, interfere with,
or otherwise disturb or obstruct the orderly conduct, processes,
operations or interests of the college is expressly prohibited.