Page 105 - FKCC Student Handbook 2012 13 final for web

c. such conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with
an individual’s work performance or educational experience, or creates an
intimidating, hostile or offensive work or educational environment.
Sophomore -
A degree seeking student who has earned 24 or more semester
hours of credit.
Student -
The term“student” refers to an individual involved in the admissions
process as well as to an individual enrolled in an FKCC course (credit or non-credit)
at the time that the alleged grievance occurred. The college will comply with
Florida Educational Right to Privacy Act FERPA rules regarding confidentiality of
student records. Retaliation against a student bringing forth a grievance or against
an individual participating in the grievance procedure is prohibited.
Student Grievance -
Defined as a complaint or allegation by a student that
either a disciplinary penalty or sanction has been imposed on them incorrectly
or unfairly or that a non-disciplinary policy or procedure of the college has been
applied incorrectly, inappropriately, or unfairly. The college maintains a student’s
right to due process by providing access to the grievance procedure.
Student Load -
Number of credit hours carried by a student in any term.
Syllabus -
A course outline typically distributed the first day of class detailing
course expectations, instructor information, and the instructor’s and college’s
policies on grading, attendance, class requirements, etc.
T.B.A. -
to be arranged or announced.
Term -
Time period, roughly equivalent to a semester, in which classes meet. Fall
and spring terms are generally 15 weeks each while summer terms can be 12 or 6
Transcript -
Official record of college courses taken by a particular student.
Transfer Student -
Student who attended a college or university before coming
to FKCC.
Tuition -
Financial charge for each credit hour of instruction.
Unclassified student -
A student admitted to a credit course, but not to a planned
program leading to a degree or certificate.
Work day -
The term“work day” is a regular business day in which the college is
open for business on Monday through Friday.