Page 12 - FKCC Student Handbook 2012 13 final for web

The following special non-refundable fees will be added to the regular
matriculation and tuition fee when applicable. These fees are subject to change
upon Board of Trustees approval.
Application processing fee $30.00
International application processing fee $50.00
Credit or exemption by examination, per semester hour $20.00
Credit by institutional exam (Nursing) per semester hour $ 7.00
Graduation fee* $25.00
Transcript fee $10.00
This fee must be paid when submitting an application for graduation, and does not
include the cost of cap and gown.
For fees concerning post-secondary adult vocational, continuing workforce
education, lifelong learning, and recreation and leisure, please contact the Office
of Continuing Education andWorkforce at (305) 809-3185.
Florida Residency Appeals
The Florida Residency Appeal Committee (hereafter known as the Committee)
is responsible for reviewing a student’s petition and associated documentation
to determine if a reclassification to Florida residency is warranted. This
Committee meets on an as-needed basis when the Enrollment Services residency
determination conflicts with the student’s determination. The Committee must
decide if there is a college error that warrants a residency change.
The Residency Committee Petition must be:
submitted by the end of the drop/add period of the term of the
residency in dispute, and
contain documented evidence that there is a college error in
following State of Florida rules pertaining to Residency for Tuition