Page 21 - FKCC Student Handbook 2012 13 final for web

Placement Testing
All new degree-seeking students, and returning students who change to degree
seeking status, must take an approved placement exam before registering for
classes. The test includes mathematics, reading and English language skills.
Non-degree seeking students are subject to placement test requirements if they
wish to enroll in communication/humanities or mathematics course, or any other
course that requires the placement test as a prerequisite.
Students meeting the minimum scores required for each section of the test,
may enroll in college-level courses in those areas. Students must enroll in
developmental courses in the areas in which the minimum scores are not met.
However, students shall be permitted to take courses concurrently in other
curriculum areas for which they are qualified while enrolled in developmental
Results of the assessment are used as a guideline to assist advisors in placing
students in appropriate courses ensuring their academic success. Developmental
courses do not carry college credit and, though included in satisfactory academic
progress (SAP) calculations, they are not included in GPA calculations.
Students who can provide official ACT, SAT or Florida Placement Test scores, two
years current, are not required to take the placement test. Students who present
a college ready diploma or have already completed English (college prep or
composition) and math (college prep or higher) courses at another college or
university and have had their transcript(s) sent to FKCC are not required to take
the placement test.
Test administrations are offered once a month with more frequent administrations
scheduled prior to the beginning of each semester. Testing is available at the Key
West Campus, Middle Keys Center and Upper Keys Center.
Florida Statutes require that a student provide proficiency determined by the
institution at the close of each college prep course. In order to proceed into
college credit course work in the subject area, a student must successfully
complete college developmental course.
Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT)
Retest policy
Placement test scores are valid for two years. If you have not used those scores for
course placement during that time, you will be required to take the test again.
A student must wait for at least 45 days to elapse before retaking the