Page 26 - FKCC Student Handbook 2012 13 final for web

information about and referrals to campus and community services
auxiliary learning aids
course substitutions
Auxiliary Learning Aid
The Auxiliary Learning Aids Program is designed to provide eligible disabled
students enrolled in credit courses with the necessary equipment and/or staff so
they can have full access to all programs, services and activities. Auxiliary learning
aids may consist of adaptive devices and equipment such as:
tape recorders
assistive listening systems
modified or extended test taking
assistance by persons such as tutors, interpreters, readers and note
Course Substitutions-Section 1007.264
Florida Keys Community College has developed and implemented policies and
procedures for providing reasonable course substitutions for qualified students
with disabilities. Students who may be eligible for course substitutions include
but are not limited to those with visual impairments, hearing impairments and
specific learning disabilities. Procedures governing waivers and substitutions of
graduation requirements are set by Section 1007.264 of the Florida Statutes, Rule
A-10.041.Students should contact the Office for Students with Disabilities for
further information.
How to Obtain Services
The Office for Students with Disabilities facilitates accommodations with faculty
and staff, and serves as an information resource to promote awareness and
knowledge of disabilities. The student is responsible for self-identifying with the
Office for Students with Disabilities. This voluntary declaration is independent
from the admissions process itself. Once contact has been made with the Office for
Students with Disabilities, the student is required to provide current (preferably,
within the last three years) documentation from professionals who make such