Page 27 - FKCC Student Handbook 2012 13 final for web

diagnoses. Students are required to secure appropriate disability testing and
documentation on their own. All disability records are treated as confidential and
Once disability testing information is received, appropriate services can begin.
Students requiring special assistance and/or support services should contact
the Office for Students with Disabilities 30 days before the term begins or as
soon as possible thereafter. For additional information, contact the Office for
Students with Disabilities located on the Key West Campus. Students can make
appointments with the Coordinators for Students with Disabilities by calling
or 305-809-3269.
National Voters Registration Act-Section 7
The Office for Students with Disabilities is here to help you become a registered
voter or update an application.
Every applicant has the right to:
Apply to register or update registration record
Have services/benefits/assistance unaffected by registering or not
Receive the same degree of assistance as provided for primary
agency service/benefit/assistance
Be able to complete application privately
Have information kept confidential
Submit a complaint regarding violation of the above to the DOS
Students should contact the Office for Students with Disabilities for
further information.
Cooperative Education is a college program designed to extend occupational
learning experiences for the student through supervised employment in an
occupation of interest to them. Available in all academic and vocational programs,
cooperative Education provides the student with invaluable hands-on work
experience that supports personal growth and enhances professional preparation.
Benefits of the program:
acquire valuable experience in field of study