Page 4 - FKCC Student Handbook 2012 13 final for web

Welcome new and returning students to Florida Keys
Community College! At FKCC, our first priority is you (our
students). The faculty and staff here are passionate about
student learning and want nothing more than to see you
succeed during every step of your college journey. We’re
committed to providing quality instruction and personalized
services to help you reach your educational goals.
As you flip through the pages of the Student Handbook, I think you’ll find
that it contains a wealth of resources to help you navigate through your FKCC
experience. I encourage you to become familiar with college policies, as well
as learn about and take advantage of the many resources and student support
services that are available to you. This handbook contains valuable information,
Academic calendar with important dates
College policies and regulations
Student rights, responsibilities, and code of conduct
Student activities and clubs
Library resources and tutoring services
Internet and email access instructions
Textbook purchasing information
Remember, if you have a question, please ASK. Ask an instructor, ask an advisor,
ask any employee you see on campus, including myself. We are here to serve you,
and we’re always happy to help you get the information you need.
I hope you have an enjoyable, stimulating, and successful experience at your
community college. Study hard, have fun, and good luck!
All the best,
Erika MacWilliams, DHEd
Dean of Student Affairs
Florida Keys Community College