Page 43 - FKCC Student Handbook 2012 13 final for web

You completely withdraw prior to completing 60 percent of a term
and you received federal aid. Students approved for financial aid
must register for all classes that they intend to take for the term prior
to the date that aid is disbursed to students. Students that fail to
register by the disbursement date will not receive financial aid for the
class(s) that are registered late.
Financial Aid Probation
Realizing that a student’s academic career may experience occasional hardships,
a one-term probation is provided to those financial aid students who do not meet
the satisfactory academic progress criteria. In order to be removed from Financial
Aid Probation, the student must register for a minimum of six credits and receive a
or better term GPA. Should the student register for less than six credits, he/she
will remain on probation until such time that they do so. In addition, should the
student register for six credits and fail to achieve the required 2.0 term GPA, he/
she will be placed on Financial Aid Suspension.
Financial Aid Suspension
Should the student fail to meet the requirements for reinstatement under
Financial Aid Probation or make a 0.0 GPA for the term, they will immediately
enter into Financial Aid Suspension. At this point, all federal, state and institutional
funding will cease for the succeeding term of enrollment, including all student
loan programs. To be removed from Financial Aid Suspension, the student must
register for a minimum of six credits at their own expense and must maintain
satisfactory academic progress for those credits. Should the student register for
less than six credits, he/she will remain on suspension until such time that he
or she successfully completes a total of six (6) credits. Reinstatement will not be
Appeal Process
Should the student feel that there are unusual circumstances related to his/
her failure to meet the above satisfactory progress standards, he or she may
appeal to the Student Services Appeal Committee. The Financial Aid Suspension
Appeal and Maximum Time frame Appeal forms includes instructions on
proper documentation and is available at
A student may be granted a total of three appeals during his/her educational
career at FKCC. Any student wishing to appeal the decision of the Appeal
Committee may do so in writing to the Dean of Student Affairs. All audited course
work (a grade of “X”) will not be used in the determination of financial aid awards.
In addition, enrolled students may not change their registration status to an audit
once the financial aid has been determined.