Page 51 - FKCC Student Handbook 2012 13 final for web

The student may request a program substitution through the academic program
advisor when:
courses better meet the need of the student’s educational objectives
a required course is not scheduled during the student’s last term
before graduation
the student has a documented disability which precludes them from
successfully completing required coursework
In the first two instances above, course substitutions require a written request
by the student’s advisor. The advisor will forward the request to the appropriate
director, dean, and Provost for approval. In the case of disability, a written request
by the student is submitted to the Office for Students with Disabilities, which is
reviewed by the Substitution Committee.
The Florida Keys Community College acknowledges the right of students, staff,
and visitors to a safe and healthy environment while on college property or
participating in college sponsored functions. In the interest of maintaining such
an environment, animals are not permitted on college property or at college
sponsored functions.
In accordance with Monroe County Code, Sec. 3-7, it is unlawful for animal owners
to permit, either willfully or negligently, the following:
any animal to be a nuisance to other persons
to have dogs on school grounds
to allow any animal to defecate on public property or school grounds
to enclose any animal in a vehicle without provision for adequate
ventilation for the animal
to abandon any domestic animal
It is the intent of Florida Keys Community College to adhere to the County Code
and report any and all violations to Monroe County Animal Control at (305)
The college acknowledges the right of persons with disabilities to utilize
service animals as appropriate. Dogs certified to assist persons with disabilities are
exempt from the college’s animal prohibition. Service dog owners are responsible
for the grooming, sanitation, and control of their animal. When the use of a
certified service animal poses a documented danger or health hazard to others,