Page 54 - FKCC Student Handbook 2012 13 final for web

of college algebra or higher through one (1) or more of the acceleration
mechanisms in Rule 6A-10.024, F.A.C., shall be considered to have satisfied
the requirements in subsection 6A-10.030(2), F.A.C., to the extent of the
college credit awarded.
Exemptions andWaivers. Any public community college or university desiring
to exempt its students from the requirements of subsection 6A-10.030(2),
F.A.C., shall submit an alternative plan to the Department of Education. Upon
approval of the plan by the Department, the plan shall be submitted to the
State Board of Education or the Board of Governors as appropriate. Upon
approval by the State Board of Education or the Board of Governors, said
plan shall be deemed effective in lieu of the requirements of subsection 6A-