Page 58 - FKCC Student Handbook 2012 13 final for web

Restrictions are conditions imposed on a student that would
specifically dictate and limit future presence on campus and participation
in college-related activities.
Probation is a formal action for violation of college rules and
regulations. As a result of probation, the student’s continued attendance at
FKCC is conditional as set forth by the Dean.
Suspension is the termination of a student’s privilege to
attend the college for an indefinite or a specified period of time. This may
include a restraining order that would exclude the person from campus.
Expulsion is the permanent termination of a student’s privilege
to attend the college. This may include restraining order that would exclude
the person from campus.
Procedure for Reporting and Resolving Student Conduct
Violations of the Student Code of Conduct shall be referred to the
Dean of Student Affairs (DSA) or his/her designee. The college
reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to take immediate conduct
action prior to a hearing, when it is believed there is a threat of
personal injury, or property damage or immediate danger to the
student or the college community.
After reviewing the alleged violation and information presented, the
DSA or his/her designee will notify the accused student of the alleged
act or violation for which he/she has been accused. Notice shall be
served by one of the following methods:
Handing a copy of a letter of charges to the student in person.
Mailing, via certified mail, a copy to the student’s last known
address as noted in his/her official records at the institution
Emailing a copy to the student’s official college email address.
The notice will include at least the following:
A statement of the policy, rule or regulation which he or
she is alleged to have violated.
A summary of the facts and information presented in support
of the charges made, including the time and place of the
occurrence of the actions(s) or behavior in question.