Page 59 - FKCC Student Handbook 2012 13 final for web

A request to schedule an appointment to meet with the DSA
or his/ her designee to discuss the alleged violation.
The college will make efforts to serve notice; however if the student
has failed to notify the institution of a current address or does not
respond by scheduling the requested appointment within five (5)
work days of the college providing notice, the college has no further
obligation of notice. If there is no response to the request for a
meeting within five (5) work days, the DSA or his/her designee, will
decide the action to be taken based on the information presented
and assign a sanction which will be communicated to the student by
one of the three methods listed above. The lack of response will also
be considered in applying the sanction.
The student will meet with the DSA or his/her designee at the date,
time and place specified in the notice and within ten (10) work days
from the original notice of the alleged violation. The student and the
DSA or his/her designee, will review the information on the alleged
violation and the student will have an opportunity to share his/her
perspective of the events.
If the DSA or his/her designee determine that the alleged violation
is without merit, then he/she may dismiss the allegations with no
further action.
If the DSA or his/her designee determine that there is reasonable
cause to believe a conduct violation has occurred, then he/she will
assign a sanction to the student according to the guidelines outlined
in this chapter.
The DSA or his/her designee also retain the right to refer the situation
to the Student Grievance Hearing Committee (explained further in
Step 2 of the Student Grievance Procedure).
The DSA or his/her designee will notify the student of the outcome
of the decision and any conduct actions within five (5) days of the
meeting by one of the following methods:
Handing a copy of a letter to the student in person.
Mailing, via certified mail, a copy of a letter to the student’s
last known address as noted in his/her official records at the
Emailing a copy of the letter to the student’s official college
email address.