Page 74 - FKCC Student Handbook 2012 13 final for web

D. The Director of Human Resources/Equity Coordinator will conduct a
prompt, thorough and impartial investigation within twenty (20) business
days of receiving the complaint. Accounts from witnesses and other parties,
as well as other relevant information, may be investigated. The Director
of Human Resources/Equity Coordinator has the discretion to determine
whether the situation warrants a meeting, either with the complainant and
the alleged offender both present or with the parties separately.
E. An investigation results in three possible scenarios:
the allegations are substantiated,
the allegations are not substantiated or
the investigation was inconclusive. Every claim of harassment will be
considered on an individual basis. If the allegations are substantiated,
the college will take immediate and corrective action and appropriate
to the severity of the offense. Disciplinary measures applied include
the full range of the college’s disciplinary measures, up to and
including termination.
The Investigator will make a final report of findings to both the accuser and the
accused within 15 business days of the formal complaint. If the process requires
further investigation, a written notice will be sent to the accuser and accused
within fifteen (15) business days of the complaint notifying both parties of an
extension of up to five (5) additional business days.
The college will protect the confidentiality of information as it pertains to the
complainant, respondent and potential witnesses to the fullest extent possible
and appropriate under the law. Only those individuals necessary for the
investigation and resolution of the complaint will be privy to information.
Retaliation/Frivolous Claims
Retaliation against an individual for reporting harassment or for participating in
an investigation is prohibited. Retaliation is a serious violation, which can subject
the offender to discipline independent of the merits of the harassment allegation.
It is a violation of this policy for anyone to knowingly make false accusations of
harassment. Failure to prove a claim of harassment is not equivalent to a false
allegation. Discipline will be imposed for making false accusations of harassment.