Page 80 - FKCC Student Handbook 2012 13 final for web

knowledge, provide creative models for students, help promote public/private
partnerships, and bring recognition to the College.
These developments may involve the use of College time and resources. The
policy listed below, therefore, defines the rights and obligations of all parties
concerned. This policy should be considered a binding agreement between the
College and its employees and the College and its students; each employee’s
continued employment, and each student’s matriculation at the College, shall be
considered adequate consideration for this binding agreement. This policy shall
be included in the Student Handbook.
To determine the disposition of rights to copyrightable materials, patents and
other intellectual property (collectively, “intellectual property”) developed by
College personnel and students, such ownership rights will be interpreted within
the framework of the categories listed below.
Individual Effort
Ownership, and rights associated therewith, of intellectual property generated as
a result of individual initiative, and not as a specific College assignment and with
only incidental use of College facilities, and/or resources, shall reside solely with
the author or inventor; provided, however, the College shall be granted a royalty-
free license to make full use of all products and processes so developed.
College Assisted Individual Effort
When the College provides support of an individual effort resulting in intellectual
property by contributing College personnel and/or student time, facilities and/or
other College resources to the effort, the College is entitled to certain rights and
privileges as listed below:
The College shall be granted a royalty-free license to make full use of
all products and processes so developed.
The College will recover all costs, supported by detailed records on
time and materials, plus 10 percent of such costs.
Generally, such intellectual property will be held in the name of the College.
However, a written agreement between the individual and the College may create
other rights and responsibilities, including joint ownership.
College Initiated and Supported Efforts
Ownership of intellectual property developed as a result of specific assignment
by the College, or arising out of duties for which the individual was specifically
employed by the College, shall reside exclusively with the College. Under special
circumstances, the College may share royalty income with the author or inventor
upon recommendation by the College and approval by the Board of Trustees.