Page 81 - FKCC Student Handbook 2012 13 final for web

Sponsor Supported Efforts
College personnel and students who produce intellectual property under sponsor-
supported projects shall be governed by the specific terms and conditions of
the sponsorship contract. College personnel are responsible for determining, in
advance, the terms of sponsorship and shall be required to execute any Copyright/
Patent Royalty Agreement with the sponsor.
Royalty income from intellectual property shall be distributed as listed below.
Individual Effort
Royalty income derived from intellectual property produced from the individual
effort of College personnel and students as defined above shall accrue solely to
the author or inventor.
College Assisted Individual Effort
Royalty income derived from individual efforts, which are complemented by
College time, facilities and/or resources, as defined above, shall accrue solely to
the author or inventor. However, repayment to the College must be made by the
individual(s) concerned as outlined above, which also outlines the other rights of
the College in these cases.
The above holds in all cases save those in which the individual(s) request, and the
College agrees to permit, its name to be used in connection with the product
or process, and in which the College also agrees to market or assist in acquiring
a marketing source for the product or process. In these cases, royalties will
be shared, with the College receiving 25 percent of royalty income and the
individual(s) receiving 75 percent of royalty income, unless a written agreement
is executed and approved by all parties prior to the granting of the copyright or
College Initiated and Supported Efforts
When intellectual property is generated by a specific College assignment or as a
result of labors for which the individual was employed, or for any matters covered
under the above definition, the College shall be the sole recipient of all income
derived therefrom. In specific instances, where an exceptional individual-initiative
product results in a marketable product, and only after College recommendation
and Board of Trustees’ approval, portions of royalty income derived therefrom may
be shared between the College and the author or inventor. Such efforts shall be
determined on a case-by-case basis.
Sponsor Supported Efforts
Royalty income derived from sponsor-supported efforts shall be disbursed in
accordance with the specific terms of governing contractual or grant documents.
Royalty income derived from intellectual property shall be disbursed to the