Page 83 - FKCC Student Handbook 2012 13 final for web

community when they become a library user according to our community
borrower policy; however, FKCC students, faculty and staff retain first priority.
FKCC Library internet use is NOT allowed for commercial or illegal purposes.
Wireless access is available in the library to those with lap tops.
Internet Content Responsibilities
The internet is a global network of multimedia information with no central
authority or governing body. The library can and does recommend interesting
and useful internet sites and resources for our customers to explore. The primary
gateway to recommended sites is through the FKCC library website. However,
providing a link in no way means we are responsible for the content of those
sites. Because the internet has no governing body, there may be material that
is offensive to some customers. It is the customer’s responsibility to monitor
use. Sites containing nudity, obscenity, or graphic violence are not considered
appropriate due to public terminal display. Accessing such sites may result in the
revocation of computer privileges.
Customers are required to return to the FKCC Library website (click on home),
or exit the browser after use. If a customer fails to do so the library has the right
to deny future access. This is to protect privacy and the right of others to access
Internet materials only of their interest.
Customers must comply with U.S. Copyright Laws.
Time Limits
Time limits can and will be set to assure the greatest access for the greatest
number of customers. Time limits will be posted and will be enforced when
demand exceeds the supply of the work stations available. We have the right to
change these time limits to allow the greatest access to the greatest number of
Downloading / Changing Configuration
Customers are not permitted to download to the hard drive on any library
computer. Customers are not permitted to make permanent changes to browser
configuration, such as default e-mail address. If a customer does any of the
above without permission from a library staff member, we have the right to deny
further access. Documents should be saved to a jump or thumb drive or emailed.
Documents saved to the desktop of the library computers will not be available
after the computers are restarted.
Acceptance of Terms of Use
Florida Keys Community College (FKCC) provides computer usage free
of charge to FKCC faculty and staff, and currently enrolled FKCC students
referred to as “User”) under these Terms of Use. By utilizing FKCC